We support federal and local
governments in marketing and tourism, targeted recruitment, public awareness campaigns, community relations, and diversity & inclusion integration.

Public Affairs

We support political campaigns with media buying support and community outreach to targeted populations. We produce campaign and fundraising events.

International Tourism

We provide tourism marketing services to countries seeking American tourist. We support trade engagement and business development.

Associations and Non Profits

We develop outreach, public relations and media campaigns to advance causes and pursuits, building affinity and advocacy. We support fundraising efforts and event production.


We develop marketing strategies and execute in a manner that builds an emotional connection with consumers, creating measurable call to action campaigns to capture market share.


We create student and parent awareness campaigns and platforms to drive student enrollment and engagement in academic study for K-12, colleges and universities. We develop strategies for internationalization.


We provide athletes, artists and entertainers with marketing, business and strategic development for foundations and ancillary business pursuits. We provide films and artist marketing support.

International Development

We provide media, public relations, and fundraising support to international development entities and NGOs. We provide micro finance and project development services.

Emerging Marketing

We develop new ideas and support those with new ideas. We create new platforms and support the creation of new platforms in green technologies, entertainment and the advancement of products, people and services.